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Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Update for SRF Temples, Centers, Groups, Circles, Retreats, and Meditation Gardens

Mar 26, 2020

COVID-19 Update: March 26, 2020

SRF Lessons Mailings Temporarily Paused

As a result of the State of California Stay-at-Home Orderwe are temporarily unable to send out any mailings, including the Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons and all other physical publications and products. We are currently exploring possible short-term solutions to this situation and will announce the alternatives as soon as we have a clearer idea of how to best serve your needs.   

We deeply appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this challenging time. Please know that we hold you in our prayers, and that God and the Great Ones are surrounding you with their ever-existing divine love and protection. 

SRF Lessons Applications Still Being Processed

While we are not able to send out any printed mailings during this time, we are continuing to process new applications for the SRF Lessons, and you are welcome to apply. We will notify you as soon as the printed Lessons can be mailed out again. 

Update: March 23, 2020

Please note the following:

Update: March 18, 2020

Please note the following program changes:

2020 SRF World Convocation

We are carefully monitoring the situation. Because our annual Convocation does not begin until the end of July, it is too early to determine what steps might need to be taken, if any.  We will have a much clearer idea by April or May. Please know, if you have already purchased your ticket you will be able to request a refund at any time. We will also be announcing details about Livestreaming in the near future.

Important Announcement: March 12, 2020

We have been closely monitoring the evolving situation with COVID-19 (coronavirus), and are aware of the uncertainty felt by so many worldwide. After much prayerful consideration about what the right course of action should be, we have made the decision to cancel all SRF meditation and inspirational services at our temples, centers, and groups in the U.S. and in other countries where the government has suggested we do so. We will be contacting our meditation groups separately with guidance. We have also cancelled all retreat programs until further notice.

Those of you who regularly participate in group meditations and spiritual fellowship know the value and positive influence of seeking God together. We encourage you to continue participation in group meditations via our SRF Online Meditation Center services.

We are also looking into offering additional online inspirational events soon, and encourage you to check our website for updates on this.

The decision to cancel our services and retreats has been made in compliance with the request of the governor of California and the California Department of Public Health that nonessential gatherings across the state of California should be limited to no more than 250 people, and that smaller events than this should implement social distancing of six feet per person. These cautionary measures are also being requested and implemented in many other states and countries.

We recommend that you continue to follow universal health guidelines with regards to the coronavirus, which can be found on the websites of the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization.

Paramahansa Yogananda expected us to use practical outer means and commonsense methods to prevent illness, but he also urged us to have a positive attitude and faith in God’s love and protection. That inner attunement felt in meditation and prayer will allow us to reach into the infinite reservoir of God’s healing power to help ourselves and all those who are in need.

In closing, let us keep in mind these words of our Gurudeva: “Whatever it is that you fear, take your mind away from it and leave it to God. Have faith in Him….Every night, before you sleep, affirm: ‘The Heavenly Father is with me; I am protected.’ Mentally surround yourself with Spirit and His cosmic energy.”

May God and the Great Ones deeply bless and watch over you and your loved ones.

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